Culti Matelier Room Spray
Culti Matelier Room Spray
Culti Matelier Room Spray
Culti Matelier Room Spray
Culti Matelier Room Spray

Culti Matelier Room Spray

By: Culti Milano

An ultra-sophisticated line CULTI room fragrances and scenting products immediately convey the pleasant impression of being unique and designed specifically for the wellbeing of each customer. 6 exquisite fragrances, each with its own number and auroma.

Product Description

Room Spray Size: 100 ML

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The story of a homegoing. A strong aroma that emerges suddenly like a memory and then fades, like a fresh lily floating by on the water. Jasmine, enhanced by peony and osmanthus, slips away with cedar wood. For those who, in their hearts, have never left.

The sensual, scented nights of Marrakech. An ancient soul of Moroccan rose, strong, heady and wild, penetrates the senses and loses itself in an olfactory labyrinth that winds its way through gardens carrying cassis and osmanthus, with a green note of vetiver.
For those who wish to lose – or find – themselves

Lemons ripened in the Sicilian sun.
Their colour, their taste and the cool shade of a garden evoke a fragrance that dissolves into bright, invigorating air.
For purifying all the rooms in the house.

Deep and light, intense and fresh. The scent of herbs and spices is immediate and bursts into unexpected freshness. Black pepper and citron create a sophisticated, complex and fluid structure. An elusive fragrance.

Crystals from the night sky in Winter. The warmth of a home, the cosy, familiar aromas of cinnamon, ginger, star anise enhanced by the sweetness of vanilla.
A warming fragrance.

Warm with an occasional bitterness, but soft and sensual.
The dense, tangy aroma of tangerine and lemon dissolves in a note of frankincense, then returns with a hint of cedar wood.